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North America Wildlife Enforcement Officers Association – NAWEOA


NAWEOA is holding their Annual Conference in Boise, Idaho. In support of their dedication to the protection of hunting and hunters rights, the Idaho Chapter of Safari Club donated $500.00 for a pizza party night for the children of the participants attending the Boise Conference.

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American Wilderness Leadership School – AWLS


This year the Idaho Chapter of Safari Club has sponsored Jason Bair, a teacher from Madison County to attend a week long event providing teachers with the tools and knowledge to provide students with a better understanding of Wildlife Ecology / Conservation, Shooting, Fishing, Outdoor Survival Skills and many other topics. Tuition was $900.00.

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Idaho Sportsman Advisory Council – ISCAC


ISCAC consists of 20 sportsman / Conservation groups providing a united front against anti hunting nonsense, habitat destruction and bad Science Wildlife management programs. ISCAC provides a vital service while the Idaho Legislature is in session lobbying legislators and keeping tabs on Legislature issues, important to hunters and sportsmen.

Yearly Dues $300.00 Additional Support Donation $200.00

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Zambia Lion Hunting


The Idaho Chapter of SCI provided $1000.00 toward Scientific research to help Zambia better understand the Countries lion population, population management, techniques and the economic benefits of Lion hunting and hunting in general for Zambia.

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Idaho Department of Fish and Game – Big Horn Sheep Study


Big Horn Sheep populations in Idaho continue to struggle in their ability to recover to huntable numbers in much of Idaho’s historical Big Horn Sheep habitat. The Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game is tracking smaller herds of Big Horn Sheep in the Southern Lemhi mountains and the Southern Beaverhead Mountains to try to understand their movements. This research has already provided significant information concerning; winter range, summer range, overlap with domestic sheep ranges and travel patterns between different sheep populations. The Idaho Chapter of SCI has purchased 2 satellite collars and the associated satellite time, to support this program $6,400.00.

Idaho Department of Fish and Game – Big Horn Sheep Study2021-11-02T21:55:56+00:00


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